TNV can make you earn an extra coin. How? check out below.

How It Works

Once you have registered, you can now send links to your contacts. whenever someone clicks and registers using your link and pays his/her 50kes, you will get paid 10 Kes per head. The 10 Kes is a one off payment. there is no limit as to the number of people registering with your link.


For every new members you register, you will get a bonus of 50 Kes on top of the 10 Kes that you would be getting paid

What To NOTE

We have a monthly renewable fee of 50 kes which should be paid on the first monday of every month. For all those people registered under your link whenever they make their payments you will get paid (50 kes of 20% multiplied by the number of registered members under your link). PLEASE NOTE, if you miss paaying your monthly membership for any particular month then you'll miss being paid for that month

Why do we need you

To realize our vision we need large numbers of active members. That is the main reason you get an incentive for getting more members on board.


To be one of the largest distributors of basic commodities in Kenya.

How to Pay

Follow the below procedure.

Go to your Mpesa menu on your cell phone.

click on 'pay bill'.

Enter 246410 as the business number.

Enter your name as account name.

Enter 50 kes as amount .

Enter your pin.


Because our monthly memebership fee is only 50 kes, you will not be charged by safaricom.

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